• Luke Edwards


Does your brand really display you? The heart and soul behind all you do. So often from an outside perspective I look at a brand and I don't feel I really know the people behind it. Often it is just a product and service being provide for a purpose but what I really want to know is, who is selling me that product and service and why? Are they really passionate about what they do? Do they care if I buy the product or not? I want to interact and buy from brands that Shine truth and authenticity.


If your thinking about creating a brand or re-branding you need to strip everything back and ask yourself some important questions. Does our target audience really know who we are? Do they know our story behind our products and services? Are we communicating that well or are we just trying to sell as much as we can? At the end of the day people buy from people so it is absolutely essential that you are displaying your authenticity, heart and passion for what you do to the outside world to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


At Bright Light we will take you on a journey of discovery to find out why you really started all this in the first place and help you to communicate that well to your target audience. People fall in love with brands when they know the people behind them ooze authenticity. In a post modern world people can smell a fake a mile off, they are interested in you more than you think they want to know the people they are buying from.

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